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A Letter from Our Founder

I believe the current health + wellness systems are fundamentally broken. It undervalues providers and patients, and overvalues products, insurance carriers, R&D of new treatments, and mass-marketed programs.

I tell you this as the daughter of a nephrologist and the sister of a P.A., and as the daughter of a type 1 diabetic and a Celiac’s sufferer, and as a ten-year veteran of the aesthetics industry. I’ve seen this industry from a multitude of perspectives, and it’s time we made some changes.

It is my mission to create a future where the individual is empowered to follow their own unique path to full-spectrum well-being, and where providers of that care also get to enjoy work that is fulfilling, in an environment they love, and with an income that allows them not just to take care of themselves, but to fully enjoy a rich life, too.
Our first step in that journey is to show physicians and providers how to build thriving and profitable businesses outside of the strict fee-for-service insurance models that dominate so much of the healthcare landscape today, and to do it in a way that provides them with lifestyle flexibility, financial security, and the ability to lean in to providing the kind of care that will change our healthcare system.
I believe wholeheartedly that to be the change you want to see, you’ve got to start where you are, with what you already have.
Jenn Peterson, Founder & Chief Strategist at Growth Season